Hello, my name is Jane. I am a fully qualified Integrative Counsellor and Supervisor working to help people clarify, explore and manage concerns that they may find difficult to deal with on their own. It is important to me to offer authenticity, trust and consistency in a warm and understanding environment.




I believe the most important aspect of counselling is the relationship between the counsellor and client. Taking the first steps towards counselling is a brave and potentially life-changing decision, and a good working rapport builds the trust required for a client to feel safe in sharing difficult issues in a confidential setting without fear of any judgement.

Different people deal with life experiences in different ways, therefore I use an integrative approach, which is a combination of different theories and approaches to suit each client’s individual needs.

Methods I have been trained as an Integrative counsellor using psychodynamic and person-centred theory. I also draw on CBT, NLP, Gestalt and TA theories depending on the clients individual needs. This approach has helped people with issues such as depression, trauma, addictions, anxiety, low self-esteem, bereavement, family and relationship issues and many others.

Through working together and offering reliable, consistent support, I would aim to help clients find new perspectives, identify old patterns and develop their own inner resources, confidence and acceptance within a supportive environment.



I also have a background in the arts as a professional portrait photographer and sculptor. Through this work I learned the importance of developing a relationship built on trust, an ability to listen and observe, and the need for a safe environment. These skills both fostered my interest in counselling as well as positively contribute to my counselling practice today.

I work as a counsellor in private practice and have worked in a G.P. setting for the NHS and for three years at HMP Brixton prison. In addition I have run photography workshops for MENCAP and people with learning disabilities, the elderly and homeless charities. Through these workshops I have helped these groups to better express their emotions via creative means.

Both my art practice and my counselling work continue to inform and benefit each other.

An initial meeting is helpful to assess whether we feel we can work together and if you would like to proceed. Appointments are for 50 minutes and occur once weekly at the same time.

"I'm not sure I'd have found the fight inside me again without your compassion and understanding."

"Thanks for all the help you were able to give with counselling and support."